Coaching is both Inherent and Learned

There is a lot of debate in the coaching industry whether or not the skills and attributes or the core competencies, as we call them in coaching, are learned or are they inherently part of that person’s behavior and makeup. Now, I really believe that the truth hangs somewhere in the balance. Chances are your life experiences, your interests, have led you down this path to look into coaching… so you have a bit of a coach already inside of you.  Maybe you have coached someone yourself informally, which is often the experience with many new students, as they have been doing coaching all along without really realizing it.  Maybe you are the person that somebody comes to in your circle of friends or family for support; someone to lean on…. so, chances are, there is a bit of that already within you.

Fine tune your skills

What we do in coach training is we take those skills and put them on the table and help you to fine tune them.  There are skills that may not come natural to you and they take more effort and practice in order to master them. There are 3 main areas to look at when deciding whether or not coaching is something that is inherent or if it is something that is learned.  There are 3 things to look at for anyone who is thinking about becoming a coach themselves.

Number 1:
Do you have a passion and curiosity about other people’s stories; really do you have an interest in other people.  I often describe this to students as being an investigator, having an extreme interest in the person in front of you or on the phone, if you are coaching over the phone.

Number 2:
Do you have a commitment to learning and development for yourself?  Much of what you do as you go through coach training is learning skills and techniques of how to be a coach, but on top of being a skills course, it really is a personal and professional development course as well.  This is ongoing even after graduation: you’ll continue to learn and see things in the world differently.  That commitment to learning and development is key

Number 3:
Having a positive and optimistic view about life in the future.   Coaching is all about developing something new and taking action inspired, action for the future.  Your positive viewpoint will transcend into your client’s experience as well.

So in closing, is coaching inherent or is it something that you learn?  It’s a little bit of both, but listen to yourself because chances are there is a bit of a coach within you already.

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