I came in contact with Iva in my former job as Technical Director at First Technology Safety Systems. The company had retained The Coaching Collaborative to help address executive team dynamics that were having an adverse effect on the company’s ability to hold management to critical strategic objectives. As my personal coach Iva focused on me, how I see myself and how others see me. She also focused on critical life issues for me like finding the right balance between personal and working life, making choices and perhaps most important, learning how to use my abilities to my best advantage. I highly recommend Iva to anyone who wants to see themselves and others as they truly are, to develop relations based on mutual understanding, trust, respect and integrity.

Michiel van Ratingen
Secretary General
Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme)
2, Place du Luxembourg
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

Iva Wilson coached me for 12 sessions during September – October 2013. She helped me design goals around my desired outcomes and areas of concern – both in the professional and personal spheres. I am pleased to report that all the goals set for the coaching period were achieved.  Additionally, through our coaching conversations, I achieved greater clarity around a number of issues. Her powerful questions led me to shift my thinking over some long held underlying beliefs.

Iva is an empathic listener and very patient as a coach. Both qualities lend to her success as a coach. As coach and client, we were located thousands of miles apart, with nine hours of time difference between our countries. This fact did not negatively impact the effectiveness of Iva’s coaching. Due to her attentiveness, she grasped the essence of my situation very quickly – much to my surprise. She also showed a keen interest in understanding what was going on in my country, to assimilate the context I was coming from.

I have learned a great deal from my interactions with Iva. She is a great coach and I recommend her to any prospective coaching clients who want to move forward and get greater clarity in their situations, dilemmas and overall thinking.

Bakhtiar Khawaja
Coaching Resolve, Senior Executive Coach & CEO

Iva helped me on my journey as a great coach. I value this experience as Iva afforded me an opportunity to reflect on the issues that I wanted to explore. Acting as a soundboard Iva greatly assisted me to get insight into my current state of affairs. Furthermore, it was very beneficial to me to explore areas that I became aware of during our coaching journey, which was not neccesserily part of my focus when I started out. Iva’s support assisted me greatly to explore the areas of my interrest, identifiy areas that I was not aware of and overall to get a balanced view of where I am at at this point in my life.

Twanette Fourie
Sole Proprietor
Twanette Fourie: Behavioural Intelligence Specialist
Pretoria, South Africa

Iva Wilson has an extraordinary ability to listen. She hears one clearly, and repeats what she has heard you say, then asks thoughtful questions about your statements that helps one see things in a different way. Her experience is evident in her understanding of life situations that may seem difficult to navigate. Iva is direct, yet empathetic and kind in her approach. Her commitment to establishing a trusting relationship is absolute. She is a powerful leader and you will be lucky to have her as a coach.

Mary Piotrowski
Ohkay Owingeh Housing Authority/Cha Piyeh Inc.

Comments: Ohkay Owingeh Housing Authority is the housing organization for a Native American pueblo tribe.  The Housing Authority was established on the tribe about 17 years ago, and has worked with the community in developing new housing, maintaining existing homes, and rehabilitating the homes in the pueblo, some of which are over 300 years old.  Currently the OOHA is developing a 41 lot subdivision to meet the needs of families in the community.

Cha Piyeh Inc. is a Native CDFI (community development financial institution).  Established in 2009, CPI is a lending institution that assists tribal members to establish and/or re-establish borrowing credit.  One of CPI’s most important activities is in presenting financial literacy classes, required of all borrowers; and offering credit counseling to all community members.

During our coaching process Iva helped me decide on goals to set, and define steps to reach those goals. She used various coaching tools, such as role play and mentoring to help me come to my own conclusions. After a few coaching sessions Iva was able to help me identify potential roadblocks and assist me in finding a way around them. Her coaching skills, management skills and business acumen helped me a lot in coming to my own conclusions as to what I have to do to move ahead and become a better manager. The particular highlights in the coaching process where: learning how to delegate to my team, realizing that everybody is self-motivated and being encouraged to push through difficult projects.

Overall I was very satisfied with the progress and continue using Iva as a coach.

Matt Smith
IT manager
Humanetics, Plymouth MI

When I started my coaching with Iva I was at the beginning of a long term personal crisis. Through her guidance I was able to gain personal insight on how I was approaching the different tasks which allowed me to change my thought process and gave me new strategies to use. She showed me how to gain the oppositions perspective to better understand where they were coming from. I was able to gain confidence in myself and not get overwhelmed by the complexities of the problem. I look forward to working with her again!

Jennifer McFarland
C.M.T.Massage Therapist Evangelical Homes of Michigan
Shared Care Services
Shared Services Home Health Care
200 Brecon Drive
Saline, MI 48176

As Michigan Director of Commerce and U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor, I frequently turned to Iva Wilson for organizational coaching. Now in my capacity as the founder of a Detroit school, I engaged Iva Wilson to coach our principals so they can be more responsive to teachers, students and the community we serve. She was very successful as a coach and helped various individuals in their decision making process to take the next professional steps. Iva has proven that she can be an enormous asset to any private or public sector leader looking to make their organization even better.

Doug Ross
University Preparatory Academy

Iva Wilson served as my coach while I transitioned into a new leadership position at an inner city high school.  My role as principal was both demanding and stressful.  Iva was professional, firm, truthful and encouraging.  Her use of critical praise was extremely effective, and I appreciated the fact that I could contact her outside of our scheduled meetings.  I use the techniques that I learned from Iva in my current role, and I would recommend her coaching to anyone!

Theresa Henderson Jackson
Director of Student Development
Detroit 9090—Central Management
610 Antoinette, Detroit, MI  48202

Iva Wilson was a very effective member of our Board of Trustees during a period of growth and development of our health system. Her significant experience as a leader of major corporation was invaluable as we developed our strategic vision and implementation plans. She provided tremendous support and leadership advice to me in assessing our development plans. She was very helpful in translating lessons learned in her corporate leadership experience to the health care environment.

Robert E. Laverty
President and CEO
St. Joseph Mercy Health System, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Executive Vice President for Michigan, Trinity Health

Over a six month period Iva Wilson of “The Coaching Collaborative” worked with our Strategic Planning Group for Visual Rehabilitation. She led the group through an intensive planning experience with such a high degree of organization, creativity, astuteness, sensitivity and goodwill that we not only developed a sound product, but we also developed into a true group with easy communication, mutual trust and shared goals. A videotape of this meeting would have been an excellent tool for training facilitators.

Lylas G. Mogk, M.D.
Medical Director
Henry Ford Visual Rehabilitation and Research Center

As a new CEO, I found extraordinary demands on me and my team. With personal discussions, readings, and team interactions, Iva helped my management team move the company forward, helping me and my team members develop highly productive personal habits and leadership methods…Iva brings an unusual breadth of interests and experiences to bear on the real problems faced by senior executives leading their companies in difficult times.

Peter Banks
Chief Executive Officer
The Institute For The Future (IFTF)

Iva believes fervently in the power of collaborative leadership …She has extensive experience as a former CEO and in coaching others. She has had a major impact in every organization where I have observed her and the management has always benefited greatly from her wealth of experience and skills.

Craig Marks
Chairman of the Board Altarum

As the newly named President of a global high tech manufacturing firm, I needed to build an interdependent team from a team of highly independent and isolated individual actors. The Coaching Collaborative gave me the tools to assess my situation and to develop a process for my Leadership Team that strengthened our ability to communicate respectfully, agree upon goals and strategies, hold ourselves accountable to implementing our plans, and position ourselves to achieve our targets. In addition, Iva provided invaluable business advising as I dealt with complex business development issues. Her experience as President of two
companies and leader of many teams was invaluable.

Tom Gutwald
First Technology Safety Systems

Mijn zakelijke banden met Peter de Ruiter overlappen meerdere jaren. Ik ken Peter als opdrachtgever -directeur HR in een professioneel technisch bedrijf-  als collega -organisatieadviseur in een complexe turn-around omgeving- als bestuurslid van een maatschappelijk georiënteerde stichting en als vriend. Peter kenmerkt zich in die rollen bij mij als:

  • slim, erudiet en praktisch oplossingsgericht;
  • positief kritisch bevragend en niet snel genoegen nemend met het antwoord en daardoor sterk aanzettend tot zelfdenken en zelfwerkzaamheid;
  • humorvol; vriendelijk relationeel zeer vaardig en sterk gericht op de situatie van zijn gesprekspartner; en
  • staat daarin zijn gesprekspartners actief en proactief met raad daad, kennis en wijsheid klaar.

In die combinatie voor mij een ideale sparringpartner en collega.

drs. Rolf van der Meer
Partner Directeur Akerendam

My business relation with Peter de Ruiter stretches out over a number of years. I know Peter as a client -Senior VP Human Resources in a professional engineering company, as a colleague – management consultant in a complex turn-around environment and  as a board member of a foundation. Peter can be characterized in these roles as

  • clever, erudite and in a practical way very solutions oriented;
  • he asks questions in a positive yet critical tone and does not take answers easily and therefor strongly leads someone to think and act for oneself;
  • Humouress, friendly and very skilful in building relations thereby strongly focussed on the situation of his interlocutor; and
  • supports his interlocutors actively and pro-actively with advice, knowledge and wisdom.

This combination makes him for me an ideal sparring partner and colleague.

drs. Rolf van der Meer
Chief Executive Officer