Who We Coach

Women in leadership positions. This is Iva’s specific niche. Why has Iva selected this as her niche? Iva is a retired female executive who understands what women need to do to climb the proverbial corporate “ladder” as she has done this herself.

Executives who have recently been promoted and are entering into the first 90 days during which time they can do whatever they thing they should do. After that, if they did not accomplish the goals they set for themselves and the organization, life becomes much more difficult.

Executives with difficult daily challenges such as difficulties with suppliers, customers, and employees they have to address.

Managers who want to improve their performance and achieve better results.

Anybody who is looking to change his/her career

Iva also coaches:

  • School principals who are looking to improve communication with students, parents and their community.
  • People desiring to make a change in their career

“Iva has proven that she can be an enormous asset to any private or public sector leader.”
– Doug Ross, University Preparatory Academy, Founder
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“Iva helped my management team move the company forward, helping me and my team members develop highly productive personal habits and leadership methods…”
– Peter Banks,  The Institute for the Future (IFTF), Chief Executive Officer
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“My role as principal was both demanding and stressful.  Iva was professional, firm, truthful and encouraging.”
– Theresa Henderson, University Preparatory Academy, Principal
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Here is the The Coaching Model and a sample of a Power Tool ™ we use to coach.