Why Hire Us?

  • Iva Wilson is a trained coach and a successful former executive with 30 years of experience who can guide you through even the most challenging corporate environment.
  • As a former woman executive leading a large corporation, Iva understands what it takes for a woman to climb the corporate ladder.
  • Whether you are a man or a woman, Iva, as someone who was at the helm of a start-up business, can help you with your own business development.
  • Iva will engage existing opportunities to successfully assist you in achieving your objectives.
  • Iva pays special attention to those who are not able to explain to themselves why they did not get promoted, though they are doing an excellent job.

As your coach, Iva will help you overcome these challenges. She will ask you questions that would get you to the solution that best aligns with your needs.


  • Peter de Ruiter has an extensive knowledge of behavior, systems and procedures applicable in corporate cultures.
  • Peter is an expert in operations, goal setting, performance, and creating incentives.
  • Peter offers extensive assessments in areas such as: quality systems, investment plans and new businesses.

“…through our coaching conversations, I achieved greater clarity around a number of issues. Her powerful questions led me to shift my thinking over some long held underlying beliefs.”
– Bakhtiar Khawaja, Coaching Resolve, Senior Executive Coach & CEO
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“Iva brings an unusual breadth of interests and experiences to bear on the real problems faced by senior executives leading their companies in difficult times.”
– Peter Banks, The Institute for the Future (IFTF), Chief Executive Officer
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